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Rule 10 from Michael Corbett’s 33 Ruthless Rules of Advertising: “If your doors are open, you should be advertising. "

There are five indisputable reasons to advertise all the time:

  1. People Shop All The Time. You’re not advertising to a standing army. You’re advertising to a passing parade. Different people are shopping all the time … and they’ll buy from you or your competitors. If you want a bigger share of the consumer market, you have let people know about you. You do that by advertising all the time.

  2. People Move. As much as 25% of your market is mobile each year. Each time a household in your area replaces itself, you have a chance to educate and motivate a new consumer. There are always new consumers to educate and motivate.

  3. People Forget. How many advertising impressions do you remember from yesterday, not counting your own or your competitors’. Ten, five, two, one, none? How many advertising impressions do you think you were expsed to since yesterday? One hundred? Two hundred? How about several hundred to several thousand? Think about it. You received ad impressions by the hundreds when you read the paper, looked at TV or listened to the radio. You also saw billboards, signs . . . matchbook covers, logos on pens and pencils.

  4. People often take their time before buying. Most people are impulse buyers, but not when it comes to larger purchases such as furniture, appliances, cars, houses . . . A consumer can be in the market for a big ticket product or service for several weeks or months before making a purchase. Your job is to keep yourself in front of the consumer throughout the buying cycle: (a) deciding to shop, (b) making final determination on product, brand and price, (c) actively shopping, and (d) making the purchase.

    If you advertise all the time, you have a better chance of getting the buyer’s attention and inquiry!

  5. To establish an equity position in the consumer community. An equity position among consumer is: When someone needs your product or service, they think of you. The President of General Foods once said, “Advertising is the force which gets the share of consumer mind . . . which must precede getting an increased share of consumer market.”

Most local businesses advertise as though the only business to be had is immediate business, and the only way to motivate people to action is to give away the inventory. The way to gain an equity position among consumers is simple: consistently expose three things about you to the consumer community: your name, your location(s) and your Unique Selling Proposition.”

Let Us Help You Succeed

Lakes Media Network (LMN) Account Managers can help you determine important information about your customers, your best targets for expansion, the best message to carry to the target audience, how to craft your message for maximum effectiveness and how to insure your message is heard, retained, and acted on.

LMN Account Managers have access to up-to-date media and market research data and state of the art analysis software. We start by meeting with you to conduct a Client Needs Analysis (CNA) to determine information about your business, your objectives and expectations. Armed with this information, we create an action plan which includes advertising schedules on LMN radio stations that most effectively deliver the desired target audience.

LMN computerized pricing software allows you to be part of the pricing process. For example, because demand is lower for spot positions early in the week and late in the day, pricing is lower. So, if your campaign objective is to build Top-of-Mind Awareness (i.e., brand equity), media costs can be reduced by scheduling during these “off-peak” periods.

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To set up an appointment, contact Local Sales Manager Melissa Wilkerson (919) 693-7900 x 235 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Advertising Agency Sales contact Lakes Media President Tom Birch (919) 341-1804, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The LMN consists of US 98 (WLUS-FM) .and Clarksville, Henderson-Oxford, South Boston, South Hill, 95-3 HLF (WHLF-FM) and South Boston VA, The New 1045, The Dan (WWDN AM-FM) and Danville, VA, AMP1037FM (WMPW AM-FM) and Danville, VA, The NEW Rewind 1019 and (WKSK-FM) South Hill and 967 WSHV (WSHV AM-FM)  (Classic Soul & Today's R&B), South Hill.


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