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Ariana Grande's Tour Photography Policy Angers News Outlets

Ariana Grande is acting like a tyrant on her new tour ... at least, according to media organizations that are fuming over her photography policy. Several major news outlets -- including the AP, New York Times, LA Times and 12 others -- have joined… ... Continue Reading

Rob Gronkowski Trashed On WWE's 'Raw,' You're Garbage!

Rob Gronkowski already has enemies in WWE -- with one of the wrestling superstars CALLING OUT the NFL legend as a hot piece of garbage on "Monday Night Raw." Remember, Gronk is NOT a WWE wrestler -- at least not yet -- though his best… ... Continue Reading

NASA Cancels First All-Female Spacewalk, Not Enough Suits to Fit Them

NASA's no better than your average department store -- lack of the right sizes in its women's department just screwed 2 astronauts out of making history with the first all-female spacewalk mission.  Turns out the space geniuses don't have… ... Continue Reading

Conor McGregor Announces Retirement, Dana White Believes Him

Stop us if you've heard this one before ... Conor McGregor just tweeted that he's retiring from MMA forever.  Yeah, just like he did in 2016. It happened in the middle of the night ... McGregor tweeted:  "Hey guys quick announcement,… ... Continue Reading

Michael Avenatti's Indictment Casts Shadow in R. Kelly Case

Michael Avenatti's new legal woes -- being accused of extortion and fraud -- could derail the case against R. Kelly ... that's what the singer's lawyer thinks. R. Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg, tells TMZ ... now that Avenatti has been charged… ... Continue Reading

D.L. Hughley Says Dr. Dre Should Be Proud of USC Donation and His Daughter

D.L. Hughley is coming out swinging for Dr. Dre ... telling us Dre's daughter needs to appreciate the fact he "pushed" her to go to USC, and also that her dad can afford to LEGALLY grease the wheel for her.  We got the comedian at LAX, and our… ... Continue Reading

Nikki Bella is Open to WWE Return, 'No Bad Blood'

Nikki Bella is NOT leaving the WWE on bad terms -- it's the opposite -- with sources telling us she still has a GREAT working relationship with the company and is DEFINITELY open to returning to the ring.  35-year-old Bella just announced she's… ... Continue Reading

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Doesn't Buy Barr's Word Trump Didn't Collude with Russians

Rep. Rashida Tlaib says President Trump is NOT off the hook in Robert Mueller's Russian collusion investigation ... because she clearly doesn't trust the man who summarized it. We got the Democrat Congresswoman at Reagan National and raised the… ... Continue Reading

Woodstock Co-Creator Tells Purists to Quit Bitching About Modern Lineup

Jay-Z, Chance the Rapper and Common are gonna attract a new generation to Woodstock 50 and anyone who's not down with that better get the hell over it ... STAT!!! Michael Lang -- the co-creator of Woodstock's 50th anniversary festival --… ... Continue Reading

Deontay Wilder Says Tyson Fury Rematch Will 'Definitely' Happen, Both Sides Talking

Some good news, bad news ...  The Good News ... Deontay Wilder says he's in talks with Tyson Fury's camp and he's VERY confident the two sides will get a deal done for a rematch.  The Bad News ... it probably ain't happening until… ... Continue Reading