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Shia LaBeouf Reps for Joe Biden on Face Mask

Shia LaBeouf doesn't need a bumper sticker to show his support for Joe Biden ... a face covering will do just fine. The actor was out Monday morning in L.A. arriving at a film set while also doing his part to stem the spread of the coronavirus.… ... Continue Reading

President Trump Says TikTok Will Shut Down by Sept. 15 Unless Deal's Made

President Trump's set a deadline for Microsoft -- or any other tech giant for that matter -- to buy TikTok's U.S. operations or he'll shut the app down for good. The Prez spoke to reporters Monday at the White House and was asked about Microsoft's… ... Continue Reading

Bay Area Investor Wants Teacher For Backyard School, Solution For Kids

Jason says he's already getting tons of applications and most of the teachers are out of work, so he's glad to create a job with his grand plan. He joined us on "TMZ Live" and told us more about the roots of the micro-school idea, and why he thinks… ... Continue Reading

Kanye Files for Arkansas Presidential Ballot with Michelle Tidball Listed as VP

Kanye West's uphill battle to become President is getting steeper every day, but he IS ahead of Joe Biden in one way ... he's officially listed Michelle Tidball as his running mate. Kanye 2020 is having an up-and-down Monday, so far, because his… ... Continue Reading

Bay Area Investor Soliciting Teacher For Backyard School

Here's a unique, super interesting job posting ... an investor in the San Francisco Bay Area wants to hire a teacher to teach a small group of students in his backyard. Jason Calacanis is the man behind the ad ... he says he's looking for the best… ... Continue Reading

Tony Bennett's 94th Birthday Tributes from Stevie Wonder and Sting

Legendary singer Tony Bennett's made it another year around the sun, and a couple other famous voices are honoring him ... with some of Tony's own words. The "I Left My Heart in San Fransisco" crooner turned 94 Monday, and got beautiful birthday… ... Continue Reading

Odell Beckham Called for NFL to Cancel 2020 Season Over COVID Concerns

Odell Beckham is publicly calling for the NFL to cancel the 2020 season ... saying it's just too dangerous to play with COVID still wreaking havoc. "I just feel like the season shouldn’t happen," the Cleveland Browns star told WSJ. Magazine ...… ... Continue Reading

The Rock Buys XFL In $15 Million Deal, 'Creating Something Special'

FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO ... PRO FOOTBALL!? The WWE legend just teamed up with an investment group to snatch up Vince McMahon's XFL league for $15 million, the league confirms in a statement. The league had filed for bankruptcy after… ... Continue Reading

Acrobat Sam Panda Detained by Myrtle Beach Police for Wearing Thong Bikini

Aerial performer Sam Panda got detained by Myrtle Beach police for her revealing swimsuit, and she had to have a long thong debate to get released. Sam says "some Karen" called the cops on her for her bikini, and the video starts with her being… ... Continue Reading

Elvis Presley-Owned Guitar Sells for Record $1.32 Million at Auction

One lucky, and very rich, Elvis Presley fan has the memorabilia world all shook up -- after snapping up one of The King's rare guitars for a record-setting 7-FIGURE price!!! That's right ... Elvis' 1942 Martin D-18 guitar -- which he owned from… ... Continue Reading